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Mimi holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and has received training in Fertility Coaching, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, NLP, Internal Family Systems, Person-centered and Cognitive Behavioural therapies.

Mimi has given talks and workshops on parenting and stress-management. She is a member of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (APACS) in Singapore and Singapore Association of Counsellors ( SAC)

Hi! I’m Mimi!

Mimi Zhang offers trauma-informed counseling and coaching for teenagers and adults. Mimi tailors the pace and therapeutic approaches to the unique needs of her clients. She is committed to providing a warm, safe and caring therapeutic environment to promote positive transformation.

Drawing on many years of training and experience as an educator and school counselor, Mimi’s work with teens and young adults focuses on social, emotional and behavioural challenges such as emotion regulation, managing fears and anxieties, developing age-appropriate social skills, growth mind- set and self-esteem , ADHD support, anger management, and Third Culture Kid, identity, and parental relationship issues.

Her work with adults focuses on anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, self-development, mental and emotional well-being, ADHD life coaching, parenting support and adjusting to transitions.

I’m here for you.

Counselor Mimi believes that the clients have the capacity to solve their own problems but when their minds are clouded with irrational thoughts and worries, they need guidance to help them access their capabilities and potential to overcome these obstacles.

This is where counselors and psychologists come in for help. For her, therapy does not stop in processing the clients’ feelings and traumas. It is also important to develop healthy and effective coping strategies to help them become resilient and empowered to solve their own problems in the future.


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