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Do you know that reading has a good impact on your mental health? It does not just improve your skills in vocabulary, attention, and memory but it also helps in reducing stress by relaxing your body and easing any tension in it.
Here is a book we would recommend for you to read for this month to help with your mental health:

This book discusses effective techniques to manage anxiety and find relief from anxiety.

This teaches us how the anxious brain operates and how to avoid overthinking and worrying.

This is specifically for shy, introverted, and people with social anxiety. Here, effective techniques are discussed to be successful in being themselves and dealing with social situations.

This is for those who are struggling with anxiety and having constant worries. This book offers some mindfulness techniques and reframing of negative thoughts as strategies to experience a more peaceful life.

This shows you how to identify a highly sensitive person and techniques for making the most out of daily situations for them.

This discusses the difference between having a high standard and being perfect. This offers actionable exercises to help change the view of self and set healthy and realistic goals.

This described life in Nazi death camps and the lessons learned from those experiences. He believes that suffering cannot be avoided but we can choose to cope with it and find meaning in those sufferings.

Discusses topics on being self-compassionate with failures and imperfections, giving care and support to yourself, and achieving your dreams in life.

This aims to help with stress, worries, handling painful feelings, self-doubt, and insecurities by forming more positive thoughts, and using mindfulness techniques.

Included in this book are some techniques to feel good, manage anxiety and depression, and develop a positive outlook on life.