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Hi! I’m Lily!

Counselor Lily Ramos graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and has participated in certification training on psychotherapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Humanistic and Client-centered approaches.

She also underwent comprehensive workshops about Mindfulness, Family Dynamics, Play Therapy, and Psychological Assessment.

Her work focuses on depression, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse, stress, burnout, anger management, confidence building, and personal development.

I’m here for you.

Counselor Lily believes that the clients have the capacity to solve their own problems but when their minds are clouded with irrational thoughts and worries, they need guidance to help them access their capabilities and potential to overcome these obstacles.

This is where counselors and psychologists come in for help. For her, therapy does not stop in processing the clients’ feelings and traumas. It is also important to develop healthy and effective coping strategies to help them become resilient and empowered to solve their own problems in the future.


To de-stress and as a form of self-care, Counselor Lily spends time doing arts and crafts and bullet journaling.

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