About Us

What is My Peaceful Place?

My Peaceful Place is a group of skilled mental health providers based in Singapore. We believe that mental health should be prioritized and be easily accessible to the Asian community. Distance from hospitals or clinics and the presence of mental health stigma should not hinder access to mental health services. Thus, we are offering online counseling, therapy, and life coaching sessions. We also prepared and compiled ready-to-use resources to help you cope with every day stressors.

Here in My Peaceful Place, our team offers assistance to those who are actively looking for help to manage symptoms of mental health illnesses and day-to-day struggles brought about by mental health issues. We make sure that we can provide a space where you can be yourself and freely express both your negative and positive feelings with no judgment.

Why did we name our group as

A peaceful place is a spot where you can relax, de-stress, refresh your mind, and nourish yourself. Creating and imagining a peaceful place is a well-known activity in therapy to help regulate yourself internally and foster emotional healing. Now, we are here to offer this kind of place to you.

In a world full of chaos, struggles, and life challenges, your mind and heart deserve calmness and peace. YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR OWN PEACEFUL PLACE.

The team behind MY PEACEFUL PLACE ​aims to promote:


Through our licensed mental health providers that provide genuine care and compassion to clients and values confidentiality
Through our resources that can help you to relax and recharge the mind such as playlists, worksheets, activity sheets, etc
Through our online counseling and therapy sessions with licensed counselors, psychologists, and life coaches
​Through our informative and educational content such as articles, blogs, books, podcasts, etc