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About Us

Our team is composed of carefully selected competent counselors, psychologists, and life coaches based in Singapore that can help you with your mental health journey.

We can provide you an atmosphere where you can freely express yourself and help you process emotions that are too overwhelming for you. This is definitely the group that you can count on whenever you need someone to listen to you.

​Together, we can explore your emotions, resolve your issues, and equip you with effective coping skills to overcome life’s challenges.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do”

~ Brene Brown ~

Our Services

Individual sessions with our licensed counselors, psychologists, and life coaches will help you better understand yourself by exploring your feelings, identifying areas you want to work on, and developing strategies that will help towards your emotional healing. Here are the services our team can offer to you:

Counseling and Psychotherapy

These in-depth sessions will encourage self-awareness, empower you to solve your problems, and assist you to become more resilient when faced with obstacles.

Life Coaching Sessions

These are usually short-term sessions to help you get motivated in life and set specific action plans to reach your goals for personal development, career, relationships, and other areas of life.

Meet Our Counsellors

Get to know the people who will help you with your mental health journey.
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Mimi Zhang

Available for:
Counseling/coaching support via teletherapy. She is happy to provide a 20-minute free consult. Book a consultation session below.

Master’s Degree in Counselling
Member of Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (APACS) in Singapore

Member of Singapore Association of Counsellors (SAC)

Mostly works with:
For Teens and young adults: Emotion regulation, managing fears and anxieties, developing age-appropriate social skills, growth mindset and self-esteem, ADHD support, anger management, and Third Culture Kid, identity, and parental relationship issues.

For Adults: Anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, self-development, mental and emotional well-being, ADHD life coaching, parenting support, and adjusting to transitions.


Lily Ramos

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Mostly works with:
Depression, Anxiety, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Stress, Burnout, Anger Management, Confidence Building, Personal Development

Available for:
Counseling/coaching support via teletherapy. She is happy to provide a 20-minute free consult. Book a consultation session below.


I was hesitant to seek help for depression because I didn’t think that someone would understand me, but depression counselling has been a lifeline she has been my safe space and I’m eternally grateful….


I can’t thank my depression counsellor enough for her support during a challenging time. Her empathy allowed me to open up and talk about my feelings without hesitation…. Thru the depression therapy, I’ve learned coping strategies and feel stronger today. Highly recommend


Griefing is so hard, and I didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully, I heard about grief counselling. They listened and understood me in ways I couldn’t imagine. My grief counsellor’s guidance has been invaluable in my journey to heal.


After the loss of a loved one, I was drowning in a sea of emotions. Grief counselling provided me with a safe space to process my feelings and find a way forward. My grief counsellor’s empathy were a huge contribution in my healing journey. I can’t thank her enough for her support and guidance.


Depression had left me feeling isolated and hopeless, but my depression counsellor helped me find the light at the end of the tunel. Her unwavering support and effective therapeutic techniques empowered me to regain control over my life. I’ve learned to manage my depression, and I’m now experiencing joy and fulfillment that I thought were lost forever. I’m immensely grateful for my depression counsellor, and I encourage anyone facing depression to seek the same life-changing help I received.


Read Your Worries Away!

Our team has gathered some helpful articles and blogs about mental health. These tackle various specific topics to let you choose which are more relatable to your concerns. We will constantly update our list and also create our own blogs in the future so stay tuned.

Listen to our
Recommended Podcast

Are you more of a listener than a reader? Here is a list of podcasts that we think may be helpful to your mental health journey:

Music for the Soul

Music is a great medium to help you relax and process your emotions, especially those feelings that you may have difficulty expressing. To make it easy for you, we have made playlists for specific topics to help you go through these situations. Check out these spotify links:

Book of the Month

Do you know that reading has a good impact on your mental health? It does not just improve your skills in vocabulary, attention, and memory but it also helps in reducing stress by relaxing your body and easing any tension in it.
​Here is a book we would recommend for you to read for this month to help with your mental health:

Counsellor Lili's Choice

“I love this book because it discusses effective techniques to manage anxiety and find relief from anxiety”

Be Calm: Proven Techniques to Stop Anxiety Now

Jill P. Weber

“Manage anxiety anytime and anywhere with simple, practical strategies.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may feel helpless to reduce your panic symptoms, avoidance behavior, or worried thoughts. Be Calm empowers you to handle your anxiety whenever and wherever it strikes with simple evidence-based techniques that can reduce your anxious feelings and responses on the spot.

Learn about the causes of different types of anxiety and their physical and psychological effects. Then learn how to implement effective, practical strategies to help you control even the most acute symptoms, from social anxiety to insomnia to panic attacks. Now when you find yourself in anxiety-producing situations, you’ll always be prepared.

This easy, accessible self help guide includes:
Find relief from anxiety and open the door to a happier, more fulfilling life with Be Calm.”

Free Downloadable Materials

Looking for FREE downloadable and printable worksheets you can use to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?We got you covered! Check these out:

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​Here are some of our informative and inspirational posts about mental health and self-care.

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